01st October, 2021


Once again, we apologise for having to transfer subscribers much sooner than we had intended. We are extremely disappointed that our host network, Cell C, decided to terminate our customers’ service with so little notice. We had, as previously communicated, planned a transition over a three-month period, giving customers up until November 30th 2021 to arrange the transition and ensure no interruption to their service. This sudden change was unfortunately beyond our control.



Although all Virgin Mobile SIM cards have become inactive as of Saturday 18th Sep, your number will get quarantined for a period of time.

If you wish to keep your existing number and have not yet ported to a new provider, we have secured alternative porting solutions with Telkom and MTN as the standard SMS porting process will no longer work. 


Should you wish to port your number to Telkom follow these steps:

1.            Visit a Telkom store

2.            Inform them you are porting from Virgin Mobile and request to port your number

3.            Bring ID & proof of address for RICA purposes

4.            If you were a Virgin Mobile Postpaid Customer, take a recent Invoice with you. If you were a Virgin Mobile Prepaid Customer, you will need to present an Account Ownership Letter (please request this letter from Virgin Mobile Customer Care) -  Telkom will accept this letter to process port.

5.            Telkom will conduct ID verification

6.            Port submission will be processed

7.            Once Virgin Mobile receives the port request, Virgin Mobile porting team will process and number will be released to Telkom

8.            Connection to Telkom’s network should happen 24-48hr thereafter


Should you wish to port your number to MTN follow these steps:

1.            Purchase and RICA a new MTN Sim Card (please take ID & proof of address for RICA purposes)

2.            Send an email with subject line MTN PORT to port_support@virginmobile.co.za. Email must contain the following information

a. Your Name & Surname

b. Virgin Mobile number

c. Copy of your ID

d. New MTN SIM nbr (10 digits)

3.            Virgin Mobile will forward all MTN porting requests received at 14:00 Mon-Fri.

4.            Once MTN has manually submitted your port, you will receive an SMS confirming your port has been processed.

5.            Connection to MTN’s network should happen 48hr thereafter


Kind Regards,

Virgin Mobile Customer Care