Porting Your Number

There’s nothing worse than trying to let all the people in your phonebook know that you’ve changed your number. It is without a doubt, one of the biggest chores you can undertake as a mobile owner. 

So, rather than sending personalised postcards to all the people in your phonebook with your new number, why not come over to Virgin Mobile and get all the benefits of being with us and still keep your number?

If you are a contract customer, visit one of our stores or download the “Port Me” form and return it to portme@virginmobile.co.za to kick-start the process. We’d love to welcome you to the family; we’ve already got a lovely Christmas sweater picked out for you!   

Should you be chained to one of those nasty long-term contracts, remember not to cancel it until we’ve approved your application and you’ve considered the costs involved in cancelling your existing contract. The last thing we want is for this to cost you more money!


If you are on prepaid:

  • Make sure you want to port an existing prepaid number. 
  • This number should not have been ported within the last 60 days. 
  • Buy, RICA and load airtime onto a Virgin Mobile SIM card. 
  • After a successful activation, you will receive a temporary Virgin Mobile number.
  • If you are an 8ta customer, SMS “PORT ME” and your 8ta number from your newly activated Virgin Mobile SIM cared to 30977 e.g., “PORT ME 081…”
  • If you are a Vodacom, Cell C,  or MTN customer, SMS “PORT ME” from your Vodacom, CELL C, or MTN SIM card followed by your newly activated Virgin Mobile number to 30977 e.g., “PORT ME 0741…”
  • Pat yourself on the back for becoming a new Virgin Mobile customer.  

Should you have any hassles during this process, contact our Customer Care team on 0741 000 123 and tell them your sob stories – they’re trained to deal with CFONECT (Customers From Other Networks Experiencing mobile-phone Trauma).

For more information on how to port your number and join the Virgin Mobile family, visit our Q&A section. 

Alternately, download our Porting Guide.