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Virgin Mobile covers every inch of South Africa, from Pofadder to Parkhurst, from Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein all the way through to Mthatha. When it comes to reception, you're in good hands too. 

Virgin Mobile has recently introduced LTE, so now customers can enjoy a much faster internet experience at no extra cost. As long as customers have a LTE –ready phone or tablet and they’re in a LTE enabled area, then they’ll be able to run apps, watch videos, and download files – it will be faster, better and more awesome.

When all we wanted to do was call or text, we used the 2G network. Then came 3G, which was more about the internet on your phone. But now we watch more videos, play more games, stream and browse. And that’s where LTE comes in.



  1. A LTE/4G- ready phone or tablet
  2. To be in a LTE/4G coverage area
  3. A SIM to be LTE/4G-enabled
View our FAQs for more information on LTE.
View the LTE coverage map here

Network running like a slug through molasses?

Trouble making a call? SMSs getting lost in the ether? Data speeds leaving you longing for your dialup modem? Considering firing up the old fax machine? Click here and tell us about it. Before you can say 100 kilobytes per second, we'll have our geek squad round to sort it out. Sorry if they’re wearing those awful cardigans again…