Lost or Stolen Phone

Before we begin, we would like to send you our best, most heartfelt wishes during this terrible time. We know how frustrating it can be without a phone. 

To get it all sorted out as quickly as possible, contact our Customer Care on 080 123 1230 or 135 FREE from a Virgin Mobile phone. One of our Rockstars will deactivate your line immediately. 

HANDY TIP: Keep the IMEI number safe so that in the event that your phone is lost or stolen, Virgin Mobile can blacklist it immediately. Your IMEI number can be found under the battery of any phone or by dialling *#06#

From there you need to fill in a Blacklisting Form so we can blacklist your phone and we'll issue you with an ITC reference number within 24 hours. 

Once that’s done, it’s time to visit the men (and women) in blue. Go to your nearest police station with the ITC reference number and report your phone lost or stolen.

REMEMBER: If you would like to claim from your insurance, you will need your ITC reference number as well as your police case number close by!