Renewing Your Contract

The early bird catches the shiny new phone

When you pull your phone out of your pocket, do people recoil in horror and run screaming in the opposite direction? Is your smartphone starting to look like it needs a little extra help with its homework? Two years is a long time – some celebrity marriages don’t even make three months – and in cell phone land, two years can seem like eons.

But before you start crying into your nifty leather cell phone belt clip, we have some great news!

You can renew your contract at Month 21! No more counting down the days to 24 months. Please note that this may be subject to additional charges.

You are now just 2 steps away from your new phone and the joy that comes with a new piece of communications technology (that looks sexy when you put it down on the table in front of your friends).

All you need to do is call us and upgrade! It couldn’t be simpler.

Upgrade by phone and the following benefits will be yours:

  • Exclusive upgrade deals
  • Safe and secure processing
  • Upgrade on your time, when it suits you
  • Speedy delivery to your door (with a smile)
  • No paperwork required, but please note that Virgin Mobile's standard terms and conditions apply
  • Affordably, attractive data inclusive package options to suit you

All of the above for a once off admin fee of just R100 plus the amount for your handset buy out.  

To get rid of that old brick in your pocket, call 135 for free from your Virgin Mobile or call 0741 000 135 at standard call rates.