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How do I repair my phone?

There’s not much worse than having a busted phone. Follow these guidelines to get it sorted as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Just so we’re on the same page – all in-warranty phones will be treated as if they are out of warranty if you fail to show proof of purchase when handing in the phone for repairs.

Phones bought from Virgin Mobile are covered under a 2-year warranty against defective manufacture faults.

The following problems will be considered out of warranty, even if the phone still falls within the 2 year warranty period:

  • Damaged LCD or screen
  • Unauthorised repair
  • Unauthorised modification or alteration and improper installation
  • Liquid damage
  • Physical damage
  • Damage from normal acts of God
  • Shipping damage
  • Phone used outside the maximum ratings as indicated in the manual supplied by the manufacturer
  • Phones booked in after the 2-year warranty has expired

Before you do anything, please first check with your insurance provider to see whether they cover out of warranty repairs and if they will pay for the phone if it is booked in with us at Virgin Mobile. If not, then the phone should be booked in with their recognised repair agency.

If your phone needs a bit of a tune up, you can take it in to your nearest Virgin Mobile store for repairs or you can call our trusty Customer Care Centre on 135 FREE from your Virgin Mobile phone.

And one last thing – please check with the agent how long your repairs will take, as the turnaround time can vary depending on the repairs needed.